Moving on our dreams

                         homestead front   cat at front porch   homestead for sale

The homestead is sold, the stories are told, the memories we hold
of rocking the babies, teething and toddling, play groups, bike rides, tree forts, back yard camping, school events, downstairs Theater, parties and shared history…
with family and dear friends up the street, schools, church, swim club, YMCA all near by

Now the kids are off to their own adventures, and husband pushes onward
the dream of living near the beach is calling and we are moving on our dreams…


                             231 Beach Dr doe


Traveling with the Enneagram

A Type Five and a couple of Type Twos took a trip, and the some of the differences were text book.

On the plane, when a baby was crying the Type 5 picked up a magazine and gave them privacy, the Type Twos were twisting around in their seats trying to offer help and solutions…  the Type Five had researched the itinerary and had maps and suggestions in a folder, the Type Twos were so appreciative and the Type Twos offered help with luggage and shared their resources readily which the Type Five needed having packed minimally…  and when invited to a large gathering, the Type Twos arrived early and were trying to help set up and talk to the leader, and see what was needed, the Type Five was in the car, getting some quiet time before the (somewhat draining) main event…

What they enjoyed that the weekend, was the adventure, weather and outings with each other and the chance to debrief with someone who shared the wonderful experience.  What joy to have good friends that help us in our weak areas and appreciate our strengths!







Yeah, team?!


Sea… HAWKS! Sea… HAWKS!! Why do fans get into these games so much?

Okay, Super Bowl Games can be exciting with all the hype and sometimes coastal rivalry, but any game – why do large groups of strangers cheer for a team of strangers playing a sport against another team of strangers? And moreover, why the elation when they win, and the shock or blues when they lose, say in the last 26 seconds?

Maybe it’s a phenomenon similar to watching movies or TV shows where the characters feel like family, friends or buddies. In a LA Times essay, David Myers, a social psychologist, linked our tendency in the USA to dress up and cheer for sports teams to something in our collective past, “Our ancestors, living in a world in which neighboring tribes raided and pillaged one another’s camps, knew there was safety in solidarity.” He also pointed out that often after a winning game the fans will say “we won!” whereas if the team lost, it’s more likely the fans will say “they lost the game”.

There is some kind of deep-seated loyalty going on in the Seattle area, as a lot of fans continue to celebrate the team and a winning NFC season, even without the trophy. It seems like more than a sport that keeps the fans coming back, year after year.


The greatest gift

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…  profoundly grateful for the gift of Love, God in human form – Jesus.  Also grateful for the second best Christmas gift ever, Baby Kloey.

by the Christmas Tree

Her first time parents are learning team work at 3:00am, swaddling like the pros and what all the different squeaks and noises mean.  Such a bundle of love, such a precious life that connects us all to new life.

Merry Christmas to each of you and all those dear to you!