Odd Couples

This page is dedicated to relationships of a different kind.  World peace, one relationship at a time…


dog and deer

Arbuckle & Diede, an unusual friendship in Montana


You might want to check out my Instagram for my four legged friends, one of those ODD couples: Big Dog, Little Cat 


1   4

2   3




Found this on Pinterest, photographer Barry Bland explores another kind of animal friendship.





3 thoughts on “Odd Couples

  1. Animals are funny this way! I was raised on a farm, and we had a goose once who was convinced he was a duck, because he was the only goose in the group and was raised alongside the ducks. The other day in a little shop in Nepal, I saw a kitten and a puppy playing, it was so cute! The kitten was batting at the puppy, like they do, and the puppy was mouthing the kitten’s head and bouncing around like he was playing with another puppy. It was adorable!

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