Transition, again

That time between the former and the new  –  transition. And as Aunt Jan use to say, “Don’t know what’s next? Then praise God in the hallway!”


Moving on our dreams

                         homestead front   cat at front porch   homestead for sale

The homestead is sold, the stories are told, the memories we hold
of rocking the babies, teething and toddling, play groups, bike rides, tree forts, back yard camping, school events, downstairs Theater, parties and shared history…
with family and dear friends up the street, schools, church, swim club, YMCA all near by

Now the kids are off to their own adventures, and husband pushes onward
the dream of living near the beach is calling and we are moving on our dreams…


                             231 Beach Dr doe

New Year, new you

What if you were curious, not harsh or judging, with yourself over your motives or choices, as you would be talking with your favorite author, or as gentle with yourself learning new things as you are with your niece or nephew or grand baby?

What if it’s a New Year and you could be your own best friend?   When someone lets you down, or worse betrays you, take time – push the pause button, do three deep breaths and ask yourself “what do I need right now” to feel loved or safe or successful?  Let’s try something NEW, skip the berating and raging or looping, and take some time for self care.

Love heart flower

Maybe to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and soul, and strength and mind is taking that time to pause, let God’s unconditional, unfailing love wash over us – as we breathe deeply, in the moment. Then loving others as ourselves could be a creative action, as we have something fresh to offer.

Vacation state of mind

Is it just getting away, is it different weather, is it not having your normal schedule? 

What is so freeing about spending a couple days in a different place, especially if it’s sunny and especially if it’s around the water?

There is an expansiveness, a clarity that comes when you look out over the ocean, mountains or any scenery that is so beautiful you can hardly take it in…

Yeah, team?!


Sea… HAWKS! Sea… HAWKS!! Why do fans get into these games so much?

Okay, Super Bowl Games can be exciting with all the hype and sometimes coastal rivalry, but any game – why do large groups of strangers cheer for a team of strangers playing a sport against another team of strangers? And moreover, why the elation when they win, and the shock or blues when they lose, say in the last 26 seconds?

Maybe it’s a phenomenon similar to watching movies or TV shows where the characters feel like family, friends or buddies. In a LA Times essay, David Myers, a social psychologist, linked our tendency in the USA to dress up and cheer for sports teams to something in our collective past, “Our ancestors, living in a world in which neighboring tribes raided and pillaged one another’s camps, knew there was safety in solidarity.” He also pointed out that often after a winning game the fans will say “we won!” whereas if the team lost, it’s more likely the fans will say “they lost the game”.

There is some kind of deep-seated loyalty going on in the Seattle area, as a lot of fans continue to celebrate the team and a winning NFC season, even without the trophy. It seems like more than a sport that keeps the fans coming back, year after year.