Vacation state of mind

Is it just getting away, is it different weather, is it not having your normal schedule? 

What is so freeing about spending a couple days in a different place, especially if it’s sunny and especially if it’s around the water?

There is an expansiveness, a clarity that comes when you look out over the ocean, mountains or any scenery that is so beautiful you can hardly take it in…


7 thoughts on “Vacation state of mind

  1. Vacation for me is about being in a place that is outside of my usual environment, so that I can get away mentally. I can get away from all the cares and worries that seem to haunt my usual environment. I think that is why so many people are able to think clearer about situations when they get away. And yes, if it around waters and a breath taking view – that helps! I know this applies to me at least 🙂

  2. I think expansiveness is the right word. Expansiveness of everything – the physical space out to the horizon I think makes us feel free; also the expanse of time – days seem longer with few of the mundane tasks of laundry etc and there is time just to be, to walk, to read, to do more of whatever gives us life; expanse in our minds free from work decisions; expanse of time with friends and family.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, they are like a mini break right here! Enjoy the rest of your time away!

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