Yeah, team?!


Sea… HAWKS! Sea… HAWKS!! Why do fans get into these games so much?

Okay, Super Bowl Games can be exciting with all the hype and sometimes coastal rivalry, but any game – why do large groups of strangers cheer for a team of strangers playing a sport against another team of strangers? And moreover, why the elation when they win, and the shock or blues when they lose, say in the last 26 seconds?

Maybe it’s a phenomenon similar to watching movies or TV shows where the characters feel like family, friends or buddies. In a LA Times essay, David Myers, a social psychologist, linked our tendency in the USA to dress up and cheer for sports teams to something in our collective past, “Our ancestors, living in a world in which neighboring tribes raided and pillaged one another’s camps, knew there was safety in solidarity.” He also pointed out that often after a winning game the fans will say “we won!” whereas if the team lost, it’s more likely the fans will say “they lost the game”.

There is some kind of deep-seated loyalty going on in the Seattle area, as a lot of fans continue to celebrate the team and a winning NFC season, even without the trophy. It seems like more than a sport that keeps the fans coming back, year after year.