Truth or kindness?

Ever notice how rare it is to find someone who speaks truth in a kind way? Many of us have to be worked up to spout off the truth, and then in ways that are not helpful.

Truth alone can be brutal                                           Kindness alone can be people pleasing


TRUTH baked in the oven of KINDNESS can be digested and used to nourish.


3 thoughts on “Truth or kindness?

  1. Equally as important as speaking the truth with kindness is hearing the truth with graciousness. People may be withholding the truth until it bursts forth like a rupturing aneurysm because they are tired to trying to be kindly truthful and being treated to a defensive tirade and a dressing down of their (perceived) shortcomings in a far less kind fashion by people wholly unprepared to hear even a kind truth and hear only criticism instead.

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