Getting through – the 3 Minute Check In

The ASAP access of social media and instant messaging makes old fashion phone calls seem outdated.  Dialing up someone and waiting for it to ring, then having a conversation where you give attention to one person and what they have to say…  what a quaint notion.


Are there any teenagers or young adults in your life? Try the 3 Minute Check In. My kids will pick up now that I have instituted this format.  There is often a reason for the call, but I have thought about it and have three minutes to check in with them as well, how are they – what’s up recently, and then my idea, request or question.

If you have older friends or relatives that still use the phone to stay in touch, it might be good to think of your own adaptation of the 3 Minute Check In.  If Aunt Martha reports on every physical ailment and condition of her and her neighbors, you might try the 10 Minute Check In.   Just the structure of the time frame might help to eliminate organize topics.

Whether it’s a land line, a hand held or the latest cell phone there is a place for the voice to voice conversations, especially when travelling, to help you feel connected.  Skype was a challenge for this tech resistant caller, until our daughter was studying abroad – then it was a magic portal into her international experience.  How do you best connect with your friends and loved ones?


One thought on “Getting through – the 3 Minute Check In

  1. Since I’m living abroad, my family and I have found it fun to have a family photo stream (because a lot of us have iPods now). That way, we can post pictures (even bad ones) and kind of keep in touch. It’s tough to call or even schedule skypes, just because we’re both really busy, but it’s fun to be able to text back and forth and see pictures, and skype when they answer back quickly. It’s been interesting and sometimes challenging. For the most part, I don’t really feel like I know most of what’s going on. 😦 But, at least it’s something. It took a month for the one box my mom was able to send to get here, and it cost a fortune.
    Thanks for the post, though, I love this idea!

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