Seasons of change, and other lessons learned from the autumn leaves


colors changing(1)

The trees are changing colors effortlessly here in the NW, a reminder of the different stages of any endeavor, or our lives if the focus is pulled out that far… The green leaves are so full of life, broad with little veins that pull life and nourishment into it. Then some of the leaves have shifted to the yellows, still bright and sunny but without the chlorophyll (and the ability to turn light energy into chemical energy), and then some turn different shades of red, brilliant or brownish, curling up and twisted until they drop leaving the bare limb, which has its own beauty against the bright blue sky, or gray overcast which is more common in the Seattle area.

Our lives have seasons, and as our family prepares to welcome the next generation in our family this December, it will be like that broad, green leaf that invites life and the nourishment of love into every relationship on our whole tree. And then there are the yellow leaves, full of sunshine color, confident and bright – the young adult years, full of promise and vigor, if our health is such to enjoy. Then the reds might be the later adult years, with the curling of age and challenges to remain part of the branch and tree so that all might gain from that brilliant deepening wisdom that can come from so much living and experiences, loving God and self and others in ways that bring meaningful connections and work into and out from our lives. Then when our time is done on earth, the individual leaf falls to the ground but their legacy is part of the nourishment of the following generations.

How about the life cycle of projects, or trips and even relationships? The beginnings are broad with potential and filled with little veins that bring in possibility and new perspective. Then the work or friendship can deepen into the yellows, impacting others with the light that it generates. Even the reds, as the project slows down or friendship starts to curl up adds so much color to our days, but letting go, being okay with letting our work or relationship drop off, falling to the ground can be painful when we have invested so much time and energy… but what if we viewed it like Autumn, a time for the old to drop off, nourish the soil around us so that next season we can see new growth in our work and friendships? What needs to fall to the ground this year for you?

leaves along 4th Street


5 thoughts on “Seasons of change, and other lessons learned from the autumn leaves

  1. That’s a wonderful comparison – colors of leaves reflecting various stages of our lives. The things that need to fall to the ground this year…. over analyzing and worrying too much about future. Btw, living in the San Francisco Bay area I really miss the fall colors. I almost stopped my car the other day when I saw these trees with beautiful yellow and red leaves, what a treat it was for my eyes!

  2. You blog and writing are a pleasure. I’m taking Photography on WP in hopes of producing beautiful photos like yours.
    Ecclesiastes 3:1 NLT For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.
    A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.
    I’ve learned through the years that God brings to mind to drop resentment, anger and unforgiveness.

    • Why thank you Meredith! I like catching a slice of beauty on film, or digital as it is now. And I love those verses, perfect for this post. A time for everything, including dropping resentment, anger… (that gave me goosebumps).

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